Our Story

Hola mi gente,

My story begins in Caracas, Venezuela, where I dreamed of seeing the world as an artist while helping others. I came to the United States with the determination of making this world a better place. My career has taken me to many different and fascinating paths; I’ve been an analyst, a humanitarian volunteer, a consultant, a translator, a founder, a college adjunct professor, a missionary, and even an opera singer! I’ve had the privilege of working with prominent organizations like The United Nations, Standard & Poors, the US Department of Justice, the State of Utah and the Utah Symphony|Utah Opera.

These types of experiences have allowed me to witness and gather the stories of world leaders, stories from which we can learn innovative concepts that we can apply in our lives and teams. I decided to share these stories and make a powerful difference in the world. I decided to use the power of stories to help others adopt innovation and give them access to new opportunities for success.

I established InnoLatino Media to inspire others to adopt new ways to succeed in the world and help others succeed as well. At the same time, I wanted to connect disadvantaged groups with opportunities to grow, whether it’s through education, careers or business opportunities. Our diversity - filled network can help your organization grow and succeed.

Our team is here to help you in your success path, while creating impact. Let’s make our story an inspiring one.

Un abrazo,

Gonzalo A. Peña
Head Storyteller/Founder

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